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2017 US Business Registrations (Choose by SIC-Code) (Standard Industry Code) Most Popular

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OSHA's 3 and 4 digit SIC (Standard Industry Classifications) codes are used in 98% of all US state and county business registrations. This makes it extremely easy to target specific business types. All of the codes below are available for instant download.

  • Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Title, Email Address, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, County, Area Code, Phone Number, Direct Number, Website URL, Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, SIC Code, SIC Description Each List Includes
  • US accountant, US advertising agencies, US air transportation, US aircraft parts services, US airport, US apartment building, US architect, US attorney, US auto dealers, US automotive parts and accessories, US automotove service repair, US banks, US bar nightclub, US beauty barber, US boat dealers, US book stores, US bowling centers, US bUSiness associations, US bUSiness management consulting, US carpet cleaner, US chambers of commerce, US child day care, US chiropractor, US church, US civic fraternal organizations, US colleges universities, US commercial printers, US credit unions, US dentist, US employment agency, US engineering firms, US fire dept, US florists and nursery, US funeral crematorium services, US general contractor, US health club, US home health care services, US hospital, US hotel motel, US insurance company, US jeweler, US junior college and tech institute, US landscaping bUSiness, US legislature, US libraries, US magazine, US marina, US medical dental equipment suppliers, US mortgage and loan brokers, US motorcycle dealers, US mUSeums and art gallary, US mUSical instrument, US newspaper, US nursing care facilities, US photographer, US physical therapists, US physician, US pizza bUSiness, US plumber, US police dept, US public golf course, US radio station, US realtor, US restaurant, US roofing bUSiness, US rv dealers, US rv parks campgrounds, US school, US self storage, US sporting goods, US television station, US travel agency, US trucking company, US veterinarian Options From